Training and coaching for RICS APC candidates

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APC Interview Preparation Services



Preparing your 10-min presentation (2 hrs) - £35

This pre-recorded training module focuses on presentation skills and how to use mind maps to structure your presentation.

You will learn how to convert your case study into a 10-minute presentation, and how to create powerful introductions and conclusions.

Assessor's Expectations and Interview Tips (1 hour) - £25

This pre-recorded training module aims to demystify the APC interview and give you a few tips.


You will be shown a short video of a (staged) APC interview so you will know what to expect on the big day and reflect on the good and bad behaviours displayed.


The webinar will also focus on how assessors decide to pass or refer candidates, and teach you how to answer questions the RICS way.



One-to-one coaching: List of potential APC questions - £90 per hour

Assessors will initiate their questioning based on your submission documents but, following your answers, they will engage in a more detailed discussion with you. They may also ask you additional questions if they have identified potential competency gaps in your documents.


We believe that listing potential APC questions with you in a dynamic manner allows us to identify a more realistic list and to highlightlight any weaknesses in your documents and challenging areas of questioning.

If necessary, we may recommend you to book a separate session to work on your areas of concern.


Please be aware that 3 hours are usually required to cover your full summary of experience and case study, but you can select the number of hours to suit your needs and budget. Hours can be split to suit. 



One-to-one coaching: Mini Mock / Q&A Practice - £90 per hour

Personalised Q&A practice on selected competencies and / or your case study. All APC questions will be specifically drawn from your submission documents with a focus on level 3, unless otherwise requested.


Most candidates struggle to demontrate level 3 at the interview despite having acquired all the relevant experience. Your mentor will help you formulate concise yet robust answers and improve your answering techniques to give you a confidence boost before a mock interview or your final assessment. This is the perfect practice to focus on your weakest areas.

We would recommend you to book 2 hours for your summary of experience and one hour for your case study. Hours can be split to suit.


These sesssions are delivered by Microsoft Teams and can be securely recorded upon request at no additional cost.

Please note that these sessions are only available for candidates in the Construction pathways.

Please note that in order to maintain the quality of our services, we require at least 24 hour notice for any rescheduling or cancellation.


Please email [email protected] if you would like to request a call back to discuss these services in more details.

If you are ready to sit your APC in the next couple of months, our services can help you through the final stretch.


Please note that our company is VAT exempt and we do not charge booking fees.

Formal Mock Interview (1 hour + 30min feedback) - £250

Following the announcement by the RICS that all final assessments will now be conducted online by Microsoft Teams, we have adjusted the format of our mock interviews to reflect the changes and give you an experience as close as possible to the real interview.


Our mock interviews are conducted by two very experienced APC assessors (all our mentors are seasoned APC chairpeople) by Microsoft Teams, in the exact same conditions than your final assessment, and followed by at least 30 minute feedback.


Your mock interview can be securely recorded upon request at no extra cost.


Thanks to the flexibility of the online delivery, we can now offer a large variety of dates and times to be mutually  agreed. Please do note that we require at least 48 hour notice for any rescheduling or cancellation.

Please be also aware that a £5 transaction fee outside our control will apply for cancellation of a mock interview.