Training and coaching for RICS APC candidates

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Assessor's Expectations and Interview Tips (1 hour) - £20

This recorded webinar available through our on-demand library includes a short video of a (staged) APC interview so you will know what to expect on the big day.

This webinar also focuses on how assessors decide to pass or refer candidates, and explain you how to answer questions the RICS way for the SPA route.

One-to-one coaching: Practising answering techniques - £75

One hour of sample APC questions and individual coaching to improve your answering techniques. This is the perfect practice before a mock interview.

SPA Candidates (UK)

The APC requirements for the Senior Profesional Route (SPA) differ from the standard APC which is why we have prepared a bespoke programme for these candidates.

The SPA route is suitable for candidates with over 10 years professional experience at senior level, or 5 years if they hold a relevant post-graduate degree.


A senior is generally someone who is in charge of a local office or a substantial team, making decisions with regards to recruitment, staff motivation, team organisation, office resources, managing clients' accounts, etc.  This route may also suit sole traders.


We are able to cover Quantity Surveying, Building Surveying, Project Management, Built Infrastructure, Facilities Management, Environment, Building Control and, via our partners at Property Elite, Valuation, Commercial Property and Residential.


Please email if you have any queries,

Documentation Review -

Early bird: £250  (documents received at least 4 weeks before your submission deadline)

Late rate: £320   (documents received less than 4 weeks before your submission deadline)

Referred candidate: £150 (at least 4 weeks before your submission deadline)


Your APC submission documents represent a very important part your APC assessment and will form the basis of the assessors' questioning during your final interview. You can use our expertise to ensure that you fulfil all the APC requirements and that your templates are written the 'RICS way'.


Our service includes an initial high level review of your documents to put you on the 'right track' and then a comprehensive review of your final draft. Please note that this does not include the optional grammar and spelling editing which is available for an additional £150.

Mock APC - £240 (no booking fees)

1hr face-to-face (Manchester or London only) or via online video link with 2 experienced assessors + 30min feedback.


The interview will be carried out in the same conditions than the real final assessment. It will be preceded by a few minutes of advice and conclude with detailed feedback on your performance.


Due to limited demand, all SPA mock interviews are individually arranged at a date convenient to the candidate.

Please e-mail to agree a suitable date for your mock interview.

APC Questions Pack - £195

Extensive list of potential APC Questions that assessors may ask you based on your Submission Documents.

Discounted to £150 when combined with a mock interview.

APC Revision Package

Do you need any help with your revisions?

We hold weekly revision sessions in three construction pathways;

Mandatory Competencies: Please click here

Quantity Surveying: Please click here

Project Management: Please click here

Building Surveying: Please click here


We also have two recorded webinars available through our on-demand library specifically for SPA candidates:

Case Study one-to-one Mentoring - £75 per hour

Face-to-face or online meeting with one of our APC mentors.


       • Selecting your three Case Studies

       • Guidance on the structure of the case studies.

Referred SPA candidates: One-to-one Mentoring - £75 per hour

      • Review of referral report and agreement of plan of action for next assessment.

      • General advice on improvement requirements.

APC Revisions - Management Competencies

Managing People + Leadership (1 hour) - £25

APC Revisions - Management Competencies

Managing Resources (1 hour) - £25